About Us

What is Tropisoul Salsa Events?


With over 15 years of promoting Latin Dancing at various locations here in the Central Valley, Rowan Hernandez has introduced a new venue called the Tropisoul Salsa Events. Tropisoul Salsa Events are events held in Fresno and Madera where you can come to enjoy great music, dance in a great atmosphere and socialize. There is no limit to how much fun you will have. We invite everyone to attend weekly as each TropiSoul Salsa Event offers dancers a passionate and invigorating alternative through our engaging social events.


“Too many people are focused on the dancing, and never venture out to enjoy the music!” The passion is in everybody and that’s what we’re trying to do, it’s what we’re trying to bring out. It’s the whole vibe… That’s important!”


We understand that the “night-life” in Fresno, and even neighboring Madera, has had a long negative stigma as a destination where entertainment-seekers don’t want to go out to for latin dancing. It’s left a mark but it hasn’t deterred Rowan Hernandez, owner to the Tropisoul Salsa Events. The Tropisoul Events are here to bring a much needed change and break that bad history. Our TropiSoul Salsa Events are all about bringing the community together through music, dance and soul. We want to showcase the tropical feel, its vibrance and its colorful dancing style, locally. You don’t have to go to the Bay Area or anywhere else to experience the thrill of Latin Dancing.


Combining a venue that people alike – with a scene that is comfortably receptive for most people – allows for a passionate social atmosphere that allows for passion, rhythm and good vibes to mesh with dancing from the soul. We welcome dancers of all levels, beginners to experienced. Our classes at the beginning of every event offers a fun and social environment in which to learn and experience the dance movements for the rest of the evening. No partner or experience required! You will learn to be a confident lead or a strong follow. Only one thing is advised and that is to come with a great attitude!


When looking for a night club in Fresno or Madera that stirs the passion of salsa dancing, head to the Elephant Lounge in Fresno for Tropisoul Salsa’s Pa’Lante Nights every Friday from 8pm-Midnight. And don’t forget to grab a partner: it takes two to tango!